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Our vision is to improve the quality of life of Family Carers who provide care for Australians with disabilities & frailty - Care valued at over $40.9 billion per year    Read more  

2018 NDIS disability housing challenge will carers remain major accommodation providers!

In spite of all the complaints and alterations to the policies and procedures for the roll-out of the NDIS, major issues remain for the carers of the vast majority of people with severe or profound disabilities in this nation. 

Why are so many families still unable to grasp the complexities of the new system?

Where are the alternative accommodation options that were sold to people with disabilities about choosing their own home when social or rented housing is so scarce?

What is being offered to family carers to persuade them to continue providing family homes as accommodation main choice when so many elderly parents are themselves in dire need of assistance in their own right?

These and many other questions disturb the minds of unpaid family carers as they attempt to wade through the rhetoric and jargon such as 'having a conversation' about funding services to their loved ones. 

In an era where social welfare seems to be the sector of choice for government budget cuts how long will it be before their lack of on ground grass roots support for carers is recognised as their cheapest and best option to move swiftly into the new scheme without heartache and anxiety for unpaid caregivers across the country?  

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