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Our vision is to improve the quality of life of Family Carers who provide care for Australians with disabilities & frailty - Care valued at over $40.9 billion per year    Read more  

Gippsland Carers have a 'New Home' 2019 promises to be exciting for Gippsland Carers following a move to a new venue at 62 George Street Morwell

The past 6 weeks have seen our committee members and community volunteers gettting dirty hands and a few back-aches as we packed up and said goodbye to our Carers Place.

The move to 62 george street is now almost complete, together with fresh paint, new signage on windows and a lovely space to conduct sopport groups and other meetings as needed without having to pack chairs and tabled away.

We are  working through some hiccups with utilities with Telstra still dtagging their heels on transfer of our phone number which will remain 03 5133 3343 when completed. 

We will warmly welcome carers who would like to join a new support group or renew a previous one.

Sadly we did not get the funding we were promised when the coalition lost the last stae election so spectulary on November last year. This means we have been forced to relinquish our Carer Mentor position for the time being, however;   

We are determined to continue our funding efforts with a goal to continue our support and committment as we seek ongoing funding with as much enthusiasm as we have shown in the past.

                                                             Gippsland Carers working together to Break the Silence on unpaid Carer Advocacy and Support

                                                Gippsland Carers working together 


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Gippsland Carers have a 'New Home'

Gippsland Carers have a 'New Home' 2019 ...

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Gippsland Carers-for Information, Links to Services, Peer Support and Advocacy                                                               
Carers Place, 185 Commercial Rd, Morwell, is open every Tues/Wed/Thurs from 9.30am-4.00pm.  No appointment necessary.      

Call us: 03 5133 3343

We offer peer Carer Support by Phone any time or complete your details on the Contact Us  menu and we will call or contact you.

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A New Carer Support Group for Gippsland has now Commenced- To find out how you can join in Click Here                                    

 'Watch this space for more exciting news about growing our help for Carers.'