We express our greatest appreciation to the RE Ross Trust for making this capacity building project possible.

Strategic Plan

Our Mission is to improve the quality of life for unpaid family carers of people with disabilities, handicap or frailty and for those for whom they care.

The aim of the project is to support the Association’s capacity for growth to meet the needs of carers and our commitment to ensuring; unpaid family carers’ rights are recognised.

The project works towards the establishment of a regional carers support network.

Our approach to this project has been to engage a consultant, Marie Crozier-Durham, and to work with her on:

  • Strategy Development
  • Planning and Documentation
  • Communication, and  
  • Seeking appropriate funding and support options.

Marie says: To date, we have worked on: developing planning, business case, and funding prospectus documents to support our quest for financial support; building  relationships with potential funders and service providers; and, actively seeking funds from a range of sources. Importantly, we have raised our profile and strengthened our capacity to communicate with our carer community, political decision-makers, and potential funding bodies through the development of this website.

It should be noted at the outset that this project builds on the impressive record of the Association’s growth and achievement. In fact, GCA Inc desire to conduct this project is testament to its willingness to adapt and realise its full capacity.

Our Strategic Priorities

The strategic plan sets out how we intend to achieve our mission. It outlines our approach to ensuring that carers are valued and have the support, information, education, guidance and opportunity to participate in the direction of their own lives. 

This strategic plan identifies four priority goals for action, namely:

  • Support
  • Information and Assistance
  • Advocacy
  • Resourcing and Growth