There are drop down pages devoted to two major campaigns- a national framework for Regional Carer Support Networks and a National Disability Insurance Scheme. Other campaigns will be added as they are developed.

To Read about our Petition for an NDIS  Go Here

We are aware of the immediate  need for greater support for unpaid family carers in  Gippsland.  What carers need are fully funded grass roots, accessible support, information and assistance services. The scope of the need is beyond the capacity of a part-time volunteer service – for example, in Gippsland, there are 26, 000 family carers.  Of these, 13,000 provide primary care.

Carers also need to know that in-home and out-of-home help services as well as respite choices are available in sufficient quality and quality to meet the needs of all families caring for a person with a dependent disability or frailty. 

Gippsland Carers Association Inc has  a strong commitment to promoting the rights and wellbeing of unpaid family carers. Unpaid family carers are buckling under the pressure.We continue to take action to convince government that funded regional  networks are a good investment in keeping carers well and able to continue caring. Our aim is to develop approaches to deliver a care and support program and we seek funding to support steps towards a Gippsland Regional Carers Support Network    

We aim to respond to carers' need for support, social inclusion and practical information and assistance though the  employment of a paid coordinator, delivery of a peer support grass roots services and by expanding the  hours of opening of our Carers Place in Morwell. 

 Funding Plan

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for Regional Carers Support Network Kit- a Business Case rationale, Funding Plan and ways we can partner with funding bodies, businesses and community organisation to support this initiative.

Contact us to discuss how you can support this campaign and ways we can help to make the case for supporting a Gippsland Regional Carers Support Network in your organisation or workplace. Read More