In this Section - Discussions Papers -  Over  the last decade Gippsland Carers and the National Carers Coalition have produced a significant number of Discussion Papers and submissions to present to governments and to provide food for thought to the general population. A number of those will be published here from time to time. Your feedback on our proposals and debates is always welcome.

Family Carers have no Grass Roots Voice:   Families provide over 92% of all the accommodation and personal care services for people with dependent disabilities throughout the nation, yet they are denied a place at the planning and policy table at either state or federal level.

The decisions that most affect families who freely contribute over $40billion to the national economy annually are made without real representation from families. Governments’ court and listen to funded disability sector peaks and the funded disability advocacy peaks but continue to leave caring families out in the cold by design. Read More

Family Care-A Death Sentence without Reprieve- Posted at On Line Opinion-2007 and just as relevent today- "What kind of a nation are we, when we close our eyes to the appalling Government neglect of those providing care and support to our most vulnerable citizens. Critical amongst the forgotten, are people with severe or profound disabilities and the families who provide more than 92% of all their accommodation and personal care needs.

In the lead up to the coming (2007) federal election it is time to ask, ‘Who amongst us cares that the dominant political parties have no disability or unpaid family carer policies at all?’ The scramble by high profile sectors of our society for a slice of the $17billion budget surplus is loud and organized, and overshadows the marginalized and oppressed."  Read More