Information is a very important tool in helping caring families to find and access support services, resources, links to other carers and to their communities. Caring very often isolates people in the family home because the personal care and support provided to loved ones is often a full time, around the clock commitment.

The internet provides a link to information, carers groups, support services, government departments, members of parliament and many other interesting opportunities for knowledge.

Check out the dropdown boxes on this links section to begin the search for help that will brighten your world.  We will be constantly adding links as we find them and updates as things change.

Here are some links to Carer Organisations

Gippsland Carers Association Inc -

Carers Australia -

Carers Victoria -

National Disability Insurance Scheme -

Working Carers Gateway -

Carer Organisationation International

Carers New Zealand -

 Carers UK -